August 25, 2013

frayed edges

It might be tacky to post something sweet my husband wrote about me...but it is about Gili too...and it is just too incredibly beautiful not to share. Gili and I are the luckiest women on earth to have him be the man that takes care of us... 

My wife steps in night after night and fills the gaping hole left in baby girls heart that was there for the first 17 months of her life...lays her down, talks softly and sings gently to her. It's a gift that mothers have and I don't understand the patience and endurance necessary for it. Most nights I pray for the crying to stop and a quick and uneventful bedtime routine, but tonight was different. Tonight I prayed for connection and mending. Connection of two hearts like two frayed edges of different left ragged by a mother's leaving, the other unraveled by years of longing and disappointment. I prayed that somehow, some way those two edges of rope would connect and weave together healed and complete. In the physical realm it seems nearly impossible, but I am not praying for physical things. I am praying for deep and spiritual and supernatural things. I know they are coming and I know it will be amazing to witness. Lord let it be now.

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